Improving Patient Safety in EMS with Simulation

Although patient safety hasn’t been studied as much in EMS as in nursing and pharmacy (for example), it is becoming a focus in EMS and EMS education now. Educational challenges that exist can be overcome by incorporating simulation into the EMS curriculum. The Center for Patient Safety (CPS) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to Read More

4 Buzzwords for Simulation in 2018

Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues and industry experts. The International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) collects the expertise of healthcare education and simulation leaders globally. IMSH hosted dozens of interactive sessions on a broad range of topics. Here were a few of the most common topics discussed in Read More

Art and Science of Developing a Scenario Library

Any paramedic program has the critical task of developing a specific scenario library. The development process must look at many factors including: the conditions to be covered, age group of patients, psychomotor skill incorporation, teamwork development, affective domain challenges and more. As EMS educators, our goal is to lead the development of our students from Read More

Meeting the Challenge of Caring for Veterans

Accommodating the needs of groups such as veterans is an important part of healthcare education. Every patient has a unique perspective and needs. Part of the role of healthcare providers is recognizing someone’s culture, heritage, and experiences and offering them the highest level of care possible. The Life of Returning Veterans Combat is a challenging Read More

7 Innovations from EMSWorld Expo

Healthcare experiences exponential technological improvements each year. In order to prepare students for their clinical rotations and entry-level positions, simulation must advance just as quickly. Educators must keep in mind advancements as they gain prominence among services. Here are some of our favorite innovations from EMSWorld Expo 2017. Video laryngoscopes: For years, healthcare professionals have Read More

Moulage: Where Cosmetics and Healthcare Education Meet

This is an interview with Maria Border, Instructor of Workforce Education and Development at Penn State University. Most nurse educators will tell you there isn’t much room for creativity in their curriculums, but Border will tell you moulage is the exception to the rule. Katy Mogg: How would you describe moulage? Maria Border: Moulage is Read More

EMS Students Are Getting a Brand New Bag

Pictured above, left: Original First in Bag module (01-44-0115); right top: Demo Dose® simulated medications module; right bottom: airway module for First in Bag. The modules come fully stocked. First in Bag will be demonstrated at EMSWorld Expo; visit Pocket Nurse® at Booth #1220. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) recently made changes Read More

Moulage: Evidence Based, Best Practice for Immersive Learning

This is a guest post by Bobbie Merica, the CEO and founder of Moulage Concepts Inc., a global moulage company specializing in training, supplies, and wound customization. Bobbie is a medical/trauma moulage expert and author. We all know the saying “Practice makes perfect.” But in my experience, I’ve learned that a more true sentiment is: Read More