What is Medical-Surgical Nursing?

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Medical-surgical nursing, also called med-surg nursing, is the largest nursing specialty in the United States. The majority of med-surg nurses work in a hospital caring for adult patients who are acutely ill.

Medical-surgical nursing education provides nursing students with knowledge of all areas of adult health. This specialty covers a broad range of patient care, including physical illness and psychosocial health. Med-surg nurses care for several patients at the same time, administer medications, educate families, admit and discharge patients, and coordinate the healthcare team.

Medical-Surgical Nursing in Practice

  • Med-surg nurses care for several patients in a single day. Part of that care include the skills to prevent complications like pressure sores and reduce hospital readmissions.
  • These nurses must be ready to diagnose and treat a variety of patients in a timely fashion. Med-surg nurses are well educated, knowing the complete workings of all body systems as well as being familiar with a daunting number of illnesses.
  • While caring for patients, nurses in this specialty also educate family members about the patients’ healthcare challenges and needs. Med-surg nurses stay on top of the latest advancements in the healthcare field so they can also provide the best care and the most up-to-date information.
  • Med-surg nurses help patients determine their best, safest, and most effective care options. The nurses strive to provide a high level of comfort as they help patients make healthcare decisions.
  • Upon discharging patients, med-surg nurses make sure patients and care givers have the information they need to prevent complications and hospital readmissions.

Medical-surgical nursing students learn to manage the diagnosis and treatment of patients with health issues that go across all medical specialties. These nurses are in demand in diverse settings because of their exceptional skills.

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Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

How to Pass Medical Surgical Nursing | Care of the Adult Nursing Class

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