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Patient room simulation IMSH

At Pocket Nurse®, we make it our goal to enhance suitable learning environments for future healthcare professionals.

As part of this responsibility, which we take very seriously, we make a point to attend trade shows that focus on nursing education, simulation in healthcare, EMS training, pharmacy education, and other areas of professional healthcare education.

At the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), Pocket Nurse will be demonstrating a simulated hospital room, complete with a refurbished hospital bed, patient monitor, and IV stand. A simulated crash cart will be part of our booth, and KbPort, a vendor whose solutions we distribute, will have an automated dispensing machine nearby to show interested parties.

We are most excited to show off our new simulated crash cart drawers (for a complete list of solutions, see contents here).

Crash cart simulation at IMSH

Crash carts are portable medical carts pre-stocked with supplies that healthcare professionals need in emergency situations. These supplies vary from injectable medications, to IVs, to gloves for infection control.

Emergency situations move quickly and are high-stress. Educating nurses and other healthcare providers on code situations using a crash cart and simulated medications allows them to practice life-saving skills, improve knowledge, and build self-confidence in a safe and controlled environment.

Prefilled Crash Cart Drawers are configured to fit in standard medical cart, including standard crash carts. The crash cart drawers were designed and prestocked by nurses, and include the following drawer inserts:

  • Simulated medications to treat for cardiac arrest and opioid overdose
  • An intubation drawer including respiratory supplies
  • An IV start drawer with needles, catheters, syringes, and tourniquets
  • IV tubing supplies and syringes, including simulated IV fluids
  • Additional supplies such as gloves, sutures, and sponges

Drawers can be ordered as a bundle or separately to fit your classroom stocking needs.

IMSH is a scientific conference that explores the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare simulation; it takes place this weekend, January 13-17, 2018. Please join us in the exhibit hall to see all the new innovative products that Pocket Nurse will have for 2018.

Pocket Nurse is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment for simulation and healthcare education. A nurse-owned-and-operated company, Pocket Nurse has been a trusted partner in nursing, EMS, pharmacy, and allied healthcare education since 1992.

Know someone looking for a career? Pocket Nurse can have a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. As one of the industry’s most respected providers of medical education and simulation solutions, the products we offer and services we provide create hands-on learning experiences for the next generation of healthcare professionals. Check out our open positions at our career site.

IMSH banner, Jan. 13-17, 2018

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