20 Reasons to Buy Student Health Totes from Pocket Nurse

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Pocket Nurse is the industry leader in custom student health totes. Our totes are a must-have for students learning to apply skills in simulation labs.

1. A dedicated totes team: We have a special customer service team that deals exclusively with Student Health Totes orders. These specialists understand the process of ordering totes best, and can serve you the most effectively and efficiently.

2. Direct access: The Totes Team has its own email address, so you can reach someone quickly: totes@pocketnurse.com. (If you want to call to reach a tote team member, you can dial 800-225-1600, and choose option 2.)

3. Satisfied customers: We ensure the quality and selection you expect from all Pocket Nurse solutions. Our totes team will find the products that best fit your program, budget, and deadline.

4. Customer testimonial. A new nursing program wanted to give its students medical education equipment it knew they would need, and a convenient way to carry everything. See how we helped the Judge-McRae School of Nursing at Mars Hill University.

5. Compact: Student Health Totes are everything simulation students need in one bag.

6. Pre-filled totes: We offer a wide-selection of pre-filled totes for several student roles: LPN/LVN, RN, IV Therapy, EMT, phlebotomy, and so many more.

7. Custom totes: This option allows you to pick a bag, and customize the items inside to meet your students’ unique needs.

8. Pre-ordering: Once you have a totes order in the system, pre-ordering is simple.

9. Targeted to your students: Our pre-filled totes contain specific products for your students’ skills set. That way, students aren’t getting items they don’t need and won’t ever use.

10. Cost effective: Supplying totes reduces overall inventory costs.

11. Reduces waste: Order only the number of totes you need.

12. Space-saving: Having students equipped means less need for storage in classrooms and sim labs.

13. Frees capital: Since ordering totes from Pocket Nurse saves money, your program will be able to invest in other equipment.

14. Customizable logos: We can put your organization’s logo on any size tote.

15. Variety: Pocket Nurse offers more tote sizes and colors to meet your students’ needs.

16. Makes students feel understood: Student Health Totes are designed so that students’ needs get met. Providing them makes your students feel that you are able to anticipate their educational needs and easily address them successfully.

17. Expedites orders: Once we have previous purchases on record, it’s quick and easy to replicate them and get your students what they need.

18. Shipping times: Pre-filled totes ship within five to seven business days. Lead time for custom totes may be longer because they are unique in nature. A totes team member can give you more information.

19. Pocket Nurse exclusive products: Nursing clipboards, simulation lab signs, and respiratory inhaler posters are just a few examples of solutions designed especially for Pocket Nurse customers.

20. A dedicated catalog that is updated annually (if not sooner): Our latest totes catalog is available online now.

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