EMS Scenario Solutions for Under $25

EMS Week EMS Solutions

In honor of EMS Week and our 25th anniversary as a medical education supply provider, we’ve pulled a short list of EMS scenario solutions for under $25, all available at the Pocket Nurse website. Pocket Nurse seeks to be a viable one source, one solution for EMS training programs.

Demo Dose® Code Bundles
Demo Dose Simulated Medication Code Bundles help EMS educators create authentic code scenarios for training and continuing education. Students will master specific procedures and skills with these simulated meds. Each box contains a glass vial, syringe, a Luer-lock needle-free adapter, and a 20G protected needle (unless otherwise noted). (06-93-1111, 06-93-1112)

Demo Dose Naloxon Response Kit
The opioid crisis continues to grow, and so does use of naloxone as a treatment. Learn about when to administer naloxone, and when it’s not appropriate. For EMTs, educators can instruct on proper administration of the nasal bristoject form with the Naloxon Hydrochlorid (Narcn) Kit. (06-93-8500)

Exam gloves
Exam gloves are the first defense in the prevention of spreading contagions and protecting healthcare workers. Latex and powdered gloves are disappearing from the market due to allergies and reactions to aerosolized glove powder. Pocket Nurse offers many non-latex, powder-free options in several sizes. (03-47-2511)

Guedel Oral Airway Kit
An attractive price point combined with rounded edges and color-coded sizing make this kit good for simulations. (07-71-3159) (For a couple of dollars more, you could get the Berman Type kit, 07-71-4791)

Stage Blood, 8 oz.
The first rule of a mass casualty incident simulation? Make lots of blood. (14-17-3050-8OZ)

Invest in single-head or dual-head stethoscopes at economical prices, or choose the Single-head Diagnostic Set with a single-head stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. These basic diagnostic tools are useful for all types of patient assessment simulations. (02-80-609, 02-80-4106)

Of course, higher priced options include complete moulage kits, stretchers, the EMT bundle from our Student Health Totes section, and CPR trainers and manikins. Stop by www.PocketNurse.com, or call one of our customer representatives today.

Demo Dose Simulated Medication is for instructional use only, not for human or animal use. Pocket Nurse products are for educational use only, not for clinical or diagnostic use.

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