Working Smart at Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse Corporate Nurse Educator

Pocket Nurse® cares about employee milestones. We encourage employees to share their accomplishments and wisdom when celebrating one or more years of service with us. Corporate Nurse Educator Beth Telesz recently celebrated her four-year anniversary with the company.

Beth said she is very likely to recommend Pocket Nurse as a place to work, identifying co-workers as the best part of her job. In addition to working with the Pocket Nurse team, she is fulfilled working each day towards the advancement of the healthcare education for both students and educators. As well, her diverse workload positions her to have an integral role in the company.

When asked what advice she would offer new employees, Beth emphasized the importance of adapting to change. “Even when you are asked to do something that is outside of your skillset or comfort zone, you can always learn and grow from it,” Beth says. “And, if you work hard at it, do your best, remain positive, and get the job done, your efforts, enthusiasm, and dedication will be seen, valued, and rewarded.”

Work hard, work smart

Beth knows the importance of understanding your industry. As Corporate Nurse Educator, she is responsible for the Pocket Nurse Product Education and Solutions Program. Twice yearly she educates most new employees on the products they work with every day. The goal is for any employee to be able to describe a product and its use to an inquisitive customer.

Beyond helping new employees understand their industry, Beth appreciates the opportunity to refine her own knowledge. “There is always something new to learn and teach about,” she says. “The class is as beneficial for my growth and development as it is for a new employee.”

We commonly say someone knowledgeable on a subject “wrote the book” on it. Beth was one of four authors in a chapter for the textbook Review Manual for the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator™ (CHSE™) Exam. As the name implies, this book is used by Nurse Educators when preparing to prove their expertise in healthcare simulation education.

While not everyone should expect to be as knowledgeable as Beth, she serves as an excellent example of what an employee can accomplish with the right drive and mindset.

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