Elizabeth DePietro: Like One Big Family

Elizabeth DePietro, Tote Specialist and Customer Service Representative at Pocket Nurse®, recently celebrated her three-year anniversary with the company.

She said she was “very likely” to recommend Pocket Nurse as a place to work. Company culture is Elizabeth’s favorite part of working at Pocket Nurse. She said the way the owner, executives, and management treat their employees plays a major role in this opinion. “They make us feel safe and secure,” she said, “like we all matter.”

A Free and Friendly Company Culture

Elizabeth is a graduate of Geneva College. Prior to working at Pocket Nurse, Elizabeth worked for larger companies. As a result she is able to offer informed insights into the most productive and enjoyable work environments.

In addition to the overall company culture, Elizabeth says her co-workers make coming to work each day worth it. The Totes team meets daily to go over issues and problems. “And then we work through them as a team,” she says. “We all have the same rules and guidelines, [so we] have each other’s backs with the customers. We believe in one another.”

Elizabeth enjoys working in cultures of positivity. At Pocket Nurse this means two things: every employee “has a positive attitude” and “loves their job.” In these environments, success is more obtainable because motivation isn’t forced by upper management. “Everyone is here to work every day and everyone wants the company to succeed,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth appreciates the freedom to make her own decisions. She says it reflects the upper management’s “confidence in their employees.”

“Other places I worked had a corporate feel, and I just felt like another number,” Elizabeth said. “Pocket Nurse is a smaller company, so it feels more like family.” Plus, she adds, being at a smaller company makes her feel more important to the company’s success.

The support and positivity Elizabeth experiences at Pocket Nurse translates into positive experiences for our nursing education, medical education, and simulation customers as well.

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