Customer Requested Simulation Solutions

Pocket Nurse trade show booth

Pocket Nurse® representatives attend trade shows and present at schools not just to talk to our clients, but to listen to them too. Over and over again, we hear similar questions and statements from the people who approach us:

“You know what you should carry?”
“I really wish you had something like these.”
“I know you carry this product, but I am looking for something like this.”

Pocket Nurse always wants the organizations we work with to feel that we are partners in simulation solutions. One of the advantages to being a medium-sized business is that we can be responsive to customers requests. We truly listen and observe to find what is needed for medical education. Many of the products you see in our catalog and on our website are ideas from our customers. They come to us with gaps in their educational needs, and we seek to close those gaps.

The challenge for nurse educators is that sometimes a product they used in actual patient care isn’t 100 percent appropriate for the simulation lab or the classroom. As we’ve discussed on the blog before, teaching medication administration can be challenging. Hence the development of Demo Dose® simulated medications.

Customer Requested Products Developed by Pocket Nurse

Demo Dose Simulated Insulin
One of the requests we get often is for simulated insulin, which comes in a variety of strengths and dosages. Pocket Nurse has developed an entire line of simulated insulin care to educate caretakers on diabetes treatment. Diabetes affects 29.1 million people in the United States. In conjunction with several vials, other requested products include the Demo Dose Glucagn Kit, which teaches about low-blood-sugar scenarios; and the Insulin Pen Trainer with Simulated Insulin Cartridges, which helps students learn about communicating with patients about self-injections.

Demo Dose Display
A display of Demo Dose solutions, many of which are customer requested.

Progra-Temp® Simulated Thermometer
Another sought-after simulation product was a cost-effective simulated electronic thermometer that educators could use in sim labs with manikins. In response, we developed a programmable simulated thermometer to enhance diagnostic scenarios. The Progra-Temp adds a realistic assessment tool to the learning environment.

Infectious Disease Personal Protection Equipment Kit
The PPE kit was requested to simulate contagion scenarios requiring PPE-management practice. It was designed to model best-in-class PPE recommendations so students can learn proper donning and disposal of head-to-toe protective gear. This student kit is for Ebola, influenza, and other contagion scenarios. Research is showing that simulation education significantly improves patient treatment by healthcare aid workers, including using simulation to teach the proper use and care of personal protective equipment.

Simulated Drainage Systems
A simulated Jackson Pratt Wound Drainage System and Wound Drainage Suction Reservoir were developed to be cost effective solutions to teach how these drainage systems work. They give students the hands-on experience they need. In addition, the systems are double packaged to teach sterile technique, although the units are non-sterile because they are for educational use only.

What would you like to see from Pocket Nurse? What product would make your job as an educator easier? Let us know! Email us at We will work hard to make it a reality.

Disclaimer for Demo Dose simulation medications: For instructional use only. Not for human or animal use.
Disclaimer for products purchased from Pocket Nurse: For educational use only. Not for clinical or diagnostic use.

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