Medication Management Solutions for Instructors

One challenge in simulation is teaching medication management, dosing information, and administration. In the past, instructors had to search out expired medication and buy oranges in bulk (oranges being the stand-ins for injectable flesh). But let’s face it, expired meds are dangerous to use in simulation. And oranges are for eating, not injecting.

Instead of using expired meds, use the proprietary line of simulated medicine from Pocket Nurse®, Demo Dose®. With more than 400 vials, plus pills, capsules, and even IV simulated meds, Demo Dose is realistically packaged, labeled, and barcoded. It’s a great way to instruct students on medication management.

Pocket Nurse simulation products are for more than just nurse educators. The Demo Dose line of simulated medications helps educate EMS personnel and allied healthcare professionals on dosing and administration of emergency medications. Demo Dose is compatible with many types of electronic health record simulation software, including EHR Tutor, enabling instructors to create clinical scenarios for the classroom.

Demo Dose is manufactured in America. This keeps your costs reasonable, ensures high quality, and expedites shipping times. In addition, we are continually developing Demo Dose products based on customer needs and requests. If you have a simulated medication need, email

Pocket Nurse strives to be a valuable partner to those who have made it their life’s work to educate healthcare professionals of the future. We offer comprehensive simulation and educational medical supplies for EMS education programs.

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