We Are Thankful for Our Guest Posters

Thank you to our experts

Although our primary audience is made up of nurse educators, we strive to bring to light important topics for educators in other fields as well, such as EMS instructors and allied health educators. In addition, we don’t want to use this space to brag about what we know and how we can solve your problems – we actively reach out to other experts and give them a forum to share their knowledge, too.

EMS Experts

EMS Educator J. Todd Vreeland is an expert on the NREMT exam, and as such, was able to outline for us the changes that are being made to the exam and why. He provided a white paper for us, and has been instrumental in the creation of the First in Bag, a solution that is designed to meet the needs of initial EMS education and the more in-depth NREMT psychomotor exam, especially as it relates to the integrated scenarios.

Moulage Experts

Simulation is about realistic, immersive learning, and nowhere is that more clear than in the department of moulage. “Moulage” comes from the French for “molding,” and it is the art of applying mock injuries or signs of infection and disease to simulated participants or manikins to enhance learning for students in many healthcare fields. At this time, it is most common in EMS and military training. Moulage Concepts Inc. CEO and Founder Bobbi Merica has great tips about incorporating moulage into your scenarios.


We are fortunate to work with many vendors who value future healthcare professionals so much that they find ways to help educators educate. In this post from Amy Cowperthwait, the importance of simulated participants, also known as simulated patients, is discussed. Amy is the founder and CEO of Avkin, which brings wearable technology to the simulation market so students can stay engaged in learning.

Human Resources Experts

When you have access to professionals who have been in their respective fields for 25 years, you find ways to make their expertise relevant to your audience. In this post, Pocket Nurse Human Resources Director Alma Brandenburg outlines some hiring tips for healthcare environments. Getting the right person on board with your organization is vital, and having a recruitment cycles will save time and money, and reduce risks to your work culture and environment.

Business Development
When our customers have questions and concerns, we address them. Here are the three most common queries we get about why programs should use Demo Dose® Simulated Medications. Demo Dose solutions are ideal for a variety of simulation scenarios, from pharm tech to automated medication cart education.

If you have expertise in nursing, EMS, pharm tech, or allied healthcare education, and want to share an article with us, or if you are a Pocket Nurse vendor with a solution to share, please contact our blog administrator at dmangine@pocketnurse.com.

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