7 Innovations from EMSWorld Expo

Healthcare experiences exponential technological improvements each year. In order to prepare students for their clinical rotations and entry-level positions, simulation must advance just as quickly. Educators must keep in mind advancements as they gain prominence among services. Here are some of our favorite innovations from EMSWorld Expo 2017.

  • Video laryngoscopes: For years, healthcare professionals have been asked to open an airway without seeing it. Video laryngoscopes combine the classic design with a digital video screen, so providers can see tubing as they place it. Some even include recording technology to show the user’s effectiveness or the patient’s prior injury.
  • Advanced seating: Emergency providers often put themselves at risk in ambulances by not securing themselves to their seats. It’s difficult to provide care while strapped in. There are now more advanced seating options to allow providers to swivel in their seats of pull their upper and lower torso straps forward and safely provide care.
  • Ballistic equipment: Recent shootings make emergency workers’ work even more dangerous. Ballistic vests are gaining popularity among prehospital care providers. More recently they’ve begun incorporating ballistic materials into bags. Meret USA displayed several bags equipped with M4 Ballistic Armored protection.
  • Pediatric dosing: Medical experts believe the number one killer of children may be medication dosing errors. CertaDose offers an innovative syringe with color-coded measurements for easy and accurate administration of medications.
  • Routing software: Traffic is annoying for most, but in an emergency it can be deadly. Traffic signal preemption technology enables users to locate their optimal path through intersections, decreasing response times.
  • Little Anne QCPR: The American Heart Association is improving their standards for CPR certification by 2019. Laerdal’s newest CPR trainer, which is distributed by Pocket Nurse®, allows users to monitor their effectiveness as they provide basic life support. See the app in action:

  • Pocket Nurse First in Bag: The brand new First-in-Bag contains everything students need to pass the NREMT’s Integrated-Out-of-Hospital Scenario. They were used in iSimulate’s Clinical Challenge. Learn more here.

Innovations are meant to make life easier, and learning to use the technology is be time-consuming and can be frustrating. Ensure students are prepared to use their tools in every emergency by stocking the latest technologies.

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