Are You Ready for USP 800?

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention’s Chapter 800 (USP 800) provides guidance for personnel handling of hazardous drugs; it was published in February of 2016, and will become effective in the next two years. Before USP 800, guidelines for compounding preparations differentiated between sterile and non-sterile preparations (USP 797 and 795), but didn’t distinguish between hazardous Read More

7 Innovations from EMSWorld Expo

Healthcare experiences exponential technological improvements each year. In order to prepare students for their clinical rotations and entry-level positions, simulation must advance just as quickly. Educators must keep in mind advancements as they gain prominence among services. Here are some of our favorite innovations from EMSWorld Expo 2017. Video laryngoscopes: For years, healthcare professionals have Read More

Evidence in Simulation-Based Learning Experiences: An Umbrella Review

A recent issue of Clinical simulation in Nursing featured an article about the evidence in simulation-based learning experiences (SBLE) in nursing education and practice. The proposed purpose of the paper was to examine the findings of an umbrella review to examine the state-of-the science in SBLE. This umbrella review of the research provides an overall, Read More

Moulage: Where Cosmetics and Healthcare Education Meet

This is an interview with Maria Border, Instructor of Workforce Education and Development at Penn State University. Most nurse educators will tell you there isn’t much room for creativity in their curriculums, but Border will tell you moulage is the exception to the rule. Katy Mogg: How would you describe moulage? Maria Border: Moulage is Read More

EMS Students Are Getting a Brand New Bag

Pictured above, left: Original First in Bag module (01-44-0115); right top: Demo Dose® simulated medications module; right bottom: airway module for First in Bag. The modules come fully stocked. First in Bag will be demonstrated at EMSWorld Expo; visit Pocket Nurse® at Booth #1220. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) recently made changes Read More

Moulage: Evidence Based, Best Practice for Immersive Learning

This is a guest post by Bobbie Merica, the CEO and founder of Moulage Concepts Inc., a global moulage company specializing in training, supplies, and wound customization. Bobbie is a medical/trauma moulage expert and author. We all know the saying “Practice makes perfect.” But in my experience, I’ve learned that a more true sentiment is: Read More

8 Ways to Improve Patient Assessment Skills

Patient assessment is a very important skill every EMS professional will use. The National EMS Education Standards, Emergency Medical Technician instructional guidelines devote a significant amount of class time to teaching students the knowledge and skills needed to perform patient assessment. Patient assessment is broken down into three steps. Primary Assessment: This is the quick, Read More