Healthy Simulation: A Medical Simulation Resource Relaunches with New Features

The newly redeveloped healthcare simulation resource website has launched! The website, newsletter, and branding have all been updated (check out the new logo!), and the site has gotten new functionality. is ready to better serve you the latest in medical simulation news, product information, conference coverage, research highlights, tutorial insights, and more!

The design team went to work to find a new website and newsletter layout that would better use wider browser viewing and prominently display the most important featured and latest content. Let us know what you think of the new look.

New Healthy Simulation Features

    1. Search, Post, and Feature Medical Simulation Jobs: More easily review available simulation career opportunities around the world, as well as feature open positions to HealthySim’s entire global audience. Feature jobs are automatically displayed on the homepage, shared to social media accounts, and listed in the newsletter.

    2. Find Healthcare Simulation Vendors: With one simple form, HealthySim now instantly connects users to leading vendors for the product categories they need information or quotes on. Those new to simulation, expanding their training program, or considering product changes will all benefit from this new, fast, and simple connection tool.

    3. Submit Articles and Share with the World: In mere minutes users can now submit healthcare simulation news, resources, tips, reviews, and more for the opportunity to share with HealthySim’s global community! Opening a new sim center? Looking for research participants? Share a Moulage recipe? Now users can contribute and connect directly with international peers.

    4. Gain Knowledge and Keep Track with the Improved Newsletter: Starting tomorrow, subscribers to the free HealthySimulation newsletter will receive bimonthly updates with the latest and most important content from the website. Featured content will be more prominently displayed so that users always know where to start!

The Next Step in HealthySim’s History

Almost every business day for over the past seven years, has produced an article important to those engaging with healthcare simulation methodologies and technologies. Founded in 2010 by Lance Baily, the website has provided almost half a million visitors with over a million displays of content from our more than 1500+ articles. The goal for was to provide a resource for those looking to start or expand a medical simulation program, as at the time very few resources existed outside of annual forums or vendor specific product trainings. Now, for the first time since its beginning HealthySim has undergone a massive update to better serve the now 9000+ readers a month who come to the website from all over the world.

This is a guest post from Healthy Simulation and Lance Baily. The original post can be viewed here.

To explore possible simulation careers, read this SimTalk blog post.

149 thoughts on “Healthy Simulation: A Medical Simulation Resource Relaunches with New Features

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