3 Discovery Simulation Practices that Can Benefit Education Programs

Advanced hospitals run discovery simulations regularly to review internal processes. Discovery simulations identify complications in processes, resources, and knowledge. Once the problems are identified, supervisors are able to adjust processes to avoid medical errors. Sometimes, facilities use discovery simulations only after an error is made in order to determine the cause. Unfortunately, this method of Read More

20 Reasons to Buy Student Health Totes from Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse is the industry leader in custom student health totes. Our totes are a must-have for students learning to apply skills in simulation labs. 1. A dedicated totes team: We have a special customer service team that deals exclusively with Student Health Totes orders. These specialists understand the process of ordering totes best, and Read More

Changes to the NREMT Exam: A White Paper

Established in 1970, the mission of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) is to develop and administer certification exams that measure the competency of emergency medical services (EMS) providers in the United States. Since most states require NREMT paramedic certification before they will issue a license to practice, the NREMT exams are high-stakes Read More

Preventing Vision Problems in Children

Starting around kindergarten, children should start visiting an optometrist regularly for an annual eye exam. Prior to starting school, children may be screened by their daycare or preschool, or by a pediatrician at a well-child visit. Unless a parent is given notice about vision problems, a child is fine to wait to see an ophthalmologist Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

Getting thirsty on a hot summer day is a normal reaction. But dehydration can sneak up on you if you’re unusually busy or active, and don’t take a break to get some water. Common Signs of Dehydration Everyone is likely familiar with these warning signs of dehydration. Increased thirst or dry mouth Feeling more tired Read More

Vaccination Compliance and Talking to Parents

More and more states and school districts are strengthening their vaccine policies in the wake of several outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases in recent years. Healthcare providers should be mindful of supporting parents, even if they first appear to be reluctant to vaccinate their children. Here are some strategies to keep the conversation open and get Read More

The State of Simulation: A Report from SimGHOSTS 2017

As Thomas Doyle, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of SimCore Technologies, Inc., will tell you, simulation has only been around for twenty years. Now in its second decade, industry standards and techniques are improving at a breakneck pace. National conferences like SimGHOSTS, which I recently attended as a representative of Pocket Nurse®, provide attendees with an Read More

In Situ Simulation for Residents

As medical residents enter hospitals for their residency requirements, the challenges of making the transition from education to practice become obvious. Nurses can struggle this time of year, too, as they juggle to care for their patients and answer questions from resident interns. One way many residency programs address these challenges is by introducing in Read More

Simulations in Mental Health

Healthcare professionals regularly experience patients with mental health disorders. These interactions are frightening to young professionals, who may assume the patient is unpredictable and violent. However, these interactions are a crucial time to identify and counter mental illness. According to research published in the International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, scenarios that included simulated participants Read More