Remembering Innovator and Medical Educator Dr. Michael S. Gordon

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Michael S. Gordon, MD, Ph.D., was the founder and director emeritus of the Michael S. Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education. He passed away suddenly on July 7, 2017. He was 80 years old.

Gordon is recognized for being an innovator in medical education and simulation. He was instrumental in creating emergency training programs to address the pre-hospital needs of cardiac patients.

In 1968, Gordon developed Harvey, a cardiopulmonary patient simulator. Through his work as a cardiologist, Gordon recognized that simulators could help medical students improve examination skills. In the 1980s, Gordon developed UMedic, a computer-based learning system for teaching cardiology, neurology, and emergency medicine skills.

Michael S. Gordon

Gordon has said about his career, “The keys to my success have been my unrelenting focus and my desire to improve the lives of my patients as a physician, researcher, and educator.”

Beth Telesz, Pocket Nurse Corporate Educator, says, “Michael Gordon was a leader and innovator who impacted medical education and the simulation community. He is someone who was looked up to by many professionals and will never be forgotten.”

Anthony Battaglia, owner and president of Pocket Nurse, adds, “He had a tremendous influence on what we do every day. He set standards for simulation in medical education that we strive to meet daily.”

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