Addressing the Challenges of the Nurse Educator Shortage

Demand for nurses is outpacing enrollment in schools of nursing. Unfortunately, a shortage of nurse educators and other faculty, clinical sites, and classroom space, plus budgetary restraints, mean that nursing schools are actually turning away interested applicants. In 2016, nursing schools in the United States had to turn away more than 60,000 qualified applicants from Read More

5 Ways Automated Dispensing Machines Improve Patient Safety

One potential mechanism to improve hospital efficiency and patient safety is the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC). An ADC is a decentralized medication distribution system that provides computer controlled storage, dispensing, and tracking of medications. Hospital pharmacists have been exploring strategies for improving patient safety in the hospital setting, and the ADC – also called an Read More

UV Safety Prevents Eye Disease

Overexposure to UV rays can cause cataracts; eye cancer; photokeratitis, or temporary sun blindness; and pterygium, also known as surfer’s eye. While many people have gotten smarter about protecting their skin from the sun, people still forget to take precautions to protect their eyes. For example, according to an online survey, about 53 percent of Read More

Remembering Innovator and Medical Educator Dr. Michael S. Gordon

Michael S. Gordon, MD, Ph.D., was the founder and director emeritus of the Michael S. Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education. He passed away suddenly on July 7, 2017. He was 80 years old. Gordon is recognized for being an innovator in medical education and simulation. He was instrumental in creating emergency training programs Read More