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Ongoing shortages in nursing require creativity in attracting and hiring personnel. It is critical to get the right hire onboard; the cost of replacing an employee is between one and a half to three times the base salary. A new hire is expensive in terms of time, both time to hire and time for the employee to become familiar with the work environment and practices.

Following a recruitment cycle can help to ensure you have a solid, consistent practice that minimizes the hiring risks to your school or organization.

Hiring Tips for Healthcare

Create a Job Description

Once you have determined your need, create a job description. This should contain a summary paragraph of the role, something dynamic about why someone would want to work for your organization, the Essential Functions of the Job, Physical and Education Requirements, Licenses or Certifications, and references to compliance with the EEOC, ADA, and other applicable laws.

Prepare for the Interview

To get the best results from an interview, create an environment that relaxes the candidate. This enables a valuable discussion that will determine an individual’s qualifications and if he/she will fit with in the workplace culture. Develop a standard set of questions that will draw from the candidate’s resumé.

Evaluation after the Interview

Whether you have one candidate or multiple, create a grid of “must haves”. If there is one candidate, does he/she meet the “must haves?” For multiple candidates, rank each candidate on the requirements and tally the final score. It is surprising how that can remove any unintentional bias.


Make sure the offer is complete and contains, in writing, anything that has been negotiated, including start date, scheduling, pay rate (either hourly or annualized), and any variances to the standard benefit package.

Onboarding the New Hire

After you have gone through all of the time to find the perfect candidate make sure the onboarding experience is a positive one. Be prepared for the start of the new hire. Assign someone to assist him/her in navigating through the first day and week. Find ways to make your new person feel welcome. Put up a welcome banner signed by the team, have a new hire lunch with the supervisor and a member or two of the team, and make introductions to key people the new hire will be meeting with.

This is a guest post by Alma Brandenburg, Pocket Nurse Director of Human Resources. Alma has been in HR for more than 20 years and has developed this checklist for hiring success. At Pocket Nurse we are here to partner with you to ensure you have the latest tools and technology to build or enhance your existing labs and curricula.

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