25 Simulation Solutions for Sim Labs

A meta-analysis of simulation-based nursing education research concludes that simulation-based nursing education is effective in various learning domains. Since the effect is not proportional to fidelity level, a variety of educational interventions are recommended.

Manikins/Task Trainers

Simulation-based clinical education refers to a variety of activities using patient simulators, including devices, trained persons, life-like virtual environments, and role-playing. Manikins and task-trainers are instrumental in simulation scenarios, especially in simulation labs. As student skills improve, higher simulation scenarios with standardized patients can be initiated.

  • IV trainers: Demonstrate how to start IVs or give intravenous injections with a variety of IV arm trainers
  • Wound trainers: Students see how to bandage, wrap, stitch, or pack wounds on arms, legs, and torsos
  • CPR trainers: CPR is a basic life-saving skill that can be taught on torso trainers with airways and lungs
  • Full-body manikins: Full-body manikins present with any variety of challenges, including stomas, tumors, ulcers, and wounds, plus life-like weight and range of movement
  • Pediatric and infant manikins: Infants, toddlers, and children need to be handled differently than adults, and have different challenges
Simulation-based learning with a full-body manikin in a wheelchair
Simulation-based learning with a full-body manikin

Once you decide on the manikins and trainers of your choice, design your environment. Below are four ideas for simulation lab world-building.

Hospital Room

Most registered nurses work in hospitals or long-term care facilities. To immerse nursing students in the kind of daily activities they will experience in their career, create a room environment with what your students need for patient care.

    Bed and furniture
    Bedside personal care items
    IV supplies

EMS Simulation
Simulation is becoming more popular for EMS programs as well. Some equipment needed for pre-hospital care and simulation include the following:

    Emergency medications

OB and Pediatric
For a focus in maternal and pediatric healthcare, create labor and delivery rooms for your students.

    Fetal monitors
    Infant beds and warmers
    Pediatric measuring instruments
    Pediatric diagnostic instruments
    Diapering supplies

Surgical nurses work in a dynamic and challenging environment, and act as the backbone of a surgical team.

    Suturing kits
    Surgical instruments
    Sterilizing equipment
    Scrub brushes

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