Mary Breckinridge’s Nursing Education Legacy: Rural Midwifery

Mary Breckinridge, like Florence Nightingale, created an educational legacy that is still in place today. After her education, Breckinridge searched for a way to apply her public health knowledge, especially in the benefit of women and children. She discovered a need for prenatal care, and safe labor and delivery in rural areas. Her efforts, which Read More

Working Smart at Pocket Nurse

Pocket Nurse® cares about employee milestones. We encourage employees to share their accomplishments and wisdom when celebrating one or more years of service with us. Corporate Nurse Educator Beth Telesz recently celebrated her four-year anniversary with the company. Beth said she is very likely to recommend Pocket Nurse as a place to work, identifying co-workers Read More

Prevent Eye Injuries by Teaching Proper Protection

According to the 109-year-old eye advocacy group, Prevent Blindness®, there are around 2,000 work-related eye injuries every day. Of those injuries, 90 percent could be lessened or prevented with proper eye protection. March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Healthcare professionals are particularly susceptible to eye damage. Consider the following tips based on your role. Eye Read More

Teaching Patient Empowerment in Simulation

I participated in a Twitter chat Tuesday with the National Patient Safety Foundation (@theNPSF) about issues around patient safety. (Search for #PSAW17chat.) It is Patient Safety Awareness Week, so these conversations are especially vital now. One of the goals of medical education and simulation is to provide the basis for patient safety and safe care. Read More

Patient Safety Awareness Starts in the Classroom

Patients deserve safe care. This is the central and simple message at the heart of Patient Safety Awareness Week. Initiatives about patient safety exist in hospitals. Organizations that emphasize and mandate patient safety efforts make educational programs available. And still, errors and tragedies occur each day. Lives are lost, families are devastated, and overwhelming costs Read More

Florence Nightingale Still Vital to Nursing Education

If you are in nursing, whether as an active nurse or as a nurse educator, you surely know the history of Florence Nightingale, the mother of the modern nursing profession. Through her actions as she pursued her own career in nursing, Nightingale showed the value in advocating for nurses and patients. Nightingale was the daughter Read More