Fred Hull: Do Well, Go Far, Never Quit

Fred Hull, DC Specialist II at Pocket Nurse®, celebrated his seven year anniversary with the company in December.

He said he is “very likely” to recommend Pocket Nurse as a place to work, primarily due to the compensation and benefits. Fred explained, “I am a high school graduate. To be making what I am shows that hard work does pay off with or without a degree.”

In addition to the facilities, which are much more favorable than those at steel mills, Fred speaks highly of his co-workers at Pocket Nurse, calling it “the best place I’ve gone as far as co-workers go.”

Fred appreciates the sense of fulfillment he receives from his work. “The stuff we sell goes to doctors and nurses in training. You never know; these people might have to take care of you.”

Father Knows Best

Fred has been certified to operate heavy machinery for 15 years. He requested to be trained on equipment such as forklifts and order pickers in his first job out of high school.

While it wasn’t immediately required of him, learning to use the tools surrounding him was a priority for Fred thanks to the advice of his father. “My dad said, ‘Do your best; learn as much as you can.’ So I try to go above and beyond at every job.”

His initiative continued to drive him in 2009 when he began working at Pocket Nurse and accepted a role on the Safety Committee. This again had to do with his father who has been on a safety committee at his own workplaces for years.

Due to the demands of Fred’s position, maintaining his role on the Safety Committee has been difficult at times. Whenever he considered leaving the group, Fred says, “My wife always asks me, ‘What would your dad say if you quit something?’”

His reaction wouldn’t be favorable. “My dad taught me to never quit anything,” said Fred. “I played football for five years. There were times when I wanted to quit, but he pushed me to stay and went to every game.”

Lessons learned from Mr. Hull went beyond spoken advice. Fred was influenced just by “watching him work 37 years and never complain. He’d never complain about working around the house” even when soreness and fatigue from work challenged his daily activities.

Fred truly embodies the work ethic we value at Pocket Nurse. We are happy that he is happy here!

Evan Stiger is Marketing Coordinator at Pocket Nurse.

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