Simulation, Pharm Tech, and the Millennial Patient

Millennials, defined as the generation born between 1979 and 1998, now outnumber Baby Boomers as the largest generation in America. (Poor Gen X’ers aren’t even close.) Millennials have a different approach to healthcare than Boomers, which is hardly surprising. They are more skeptical of medical authority, less likely to have insurance, and are pessimistic about their own health and health outcomes.

7 Health Trends of Millennials

  • Millennials gather input and take charge of their healthcare.
  • They seek a well-designed healthcare experience.
  • They want socially responsible healthcare.
  • They struggle to afford healthcare.
  • Stress is a major health issue for millennials.
  • Millennials are conflicted about healthy eating.
  • They embrace healthcare technology.

Simulation, which is being used more and more in pharmacy and pharm tech programs, will help students deal with this demographic shift. For example, Millennials use the internet to research health issues, and they will have a lot of questions when they seek healthcare. Through role-playing, students will learn how to effectively engage with patients and pharmacy customers of all ages.

In addition, prescription drug use is still on the rise. Demo Dose simulated medications assist instructors to teach pharm tech students about medication therapy management (MTM). Unlike Baby Boomers, Millennials will be on fewer medications, but may be seeking alternative treatments. Rather than a medical solution, these younger patients will be seeking lifestyle solutions to health problems, such as stress reduction through meditation or yoga, or controlling obesity through eating better.

Pocket Nurse offers comprehensive educational and simulation solutions for pharmacy and pharm tech students who seek to engage with the Millennial population on their own terms. Technology continues to advance, and younger people will continue to embrace changing tech, so pharmacy and healthcare education programs should as well.

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