3 Ways to Help Simulation Customers

As a member of the Pocket Nurse® Sales Team it is my responsibility to see that our customers are satisfied with their experience with Pocket Nurse. To do that, I focus on three things.

1. I am a resource for our customers when they have questions about products we carry or about their new lab space. My goal is to help them make smart decisions with their budget, the equipment they purchase, and the setup of their simulation labs.

2. It’s important we are accessible to our customers, whether by email, by phone, onsite, or at a tradeshow, in order to provide a quality experience for the customer. The easiest thing we can do for our customers is be there when they need us.

3. Delivering products in a timely manner is the final step in getting a satisfied customer. Pocket Nurse strives to ensure that items are shipping from our warehouse in acceptable timeframes.

The Pocket Nurse sales team takes a lot of pride in seeing that we check all of the boxes for our customer to ensure a quality experience, from the first phone call to when their order has been delivered. Getting an email like the one below is just a bonus.

From: Lisa Osborne
To: Matthew Inman
Subject: Customer Service

Dear Mr. Inman,

Justin Pratt, one of your [sales] agents has been of great help to me in recent weeks. I have had a few orders that I needed the additional help on because of financial constraints. He has been exceptionable as a representative of your company and made my needs a priority.

I wanted to take this time to say he is a truly an asset to the company. In the 10+ years of being a loyal customer, this gentleman has been efficient as well as pleasant to deal with. He stands out because in recent years I have had many experiences with customer service personnel who are lacking basic customer service skills, lacking basic communication skills, and many who are just rude.

I will be using him again in the future now that I have his direct email address because of my experience, as well as letting everyone I know how impressive your companies agents are, a refreshing change from my previous experiences. So please congratulate him on his wonderful attitude and when I order, [which happens] three to 10 times a year, I will be calling on him again.

I look forward to our business relationship to continue, with renewed faith in good service from Pocket Nurse.

Thank you,

Lisa L Osborne
Practical Nursing Instructor
Buchanan County Career Technology and Higher Learning Center

As we enter our 25th year in 2017, we look forward to continuing to build these relationships, which Pocket Nurse values the most, and forging them by truly helping our customers.

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