Understanding the Patient: Why Patients Elect Home Care

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It’s National Home Care and Hospice Month. As in most healthcare professions, understanding the patient’s perspectives and reasoning behind electing home care can give healthcare workers empathy for their patients, which in turn improves patient satisfaction and overall health.

Understanding the Patient’s Perspective on Home Care

Family Ties: Home care patients often receive at least some support from family. Depending on the strength of family ties, patient family members might seek help and insights regularly. It can also mean some frustration when a conversation is cut short, though, by acute patient care or a shift change. Explaining the fundamentals of the professionals’ daily duties can prevent the negative consequences of an aggravated family.

Personal Care: Home care is a one-on-one health service. As such, patients might expect more personality in their care. Being friendly, fun, and approachable can do more than make patients comfortable. An open and honest dialogue can improve patient outcomes. Remember to treat every patient as what they are — a human being in a stressful health situation.

Value: Hospice tends to be much more expensive than home care. If a patient feels their budget has forced them into a “bargain” alternative rather than a comprehensive health solution, they might be more difficult to work with. Try to share information about the quality of home care tools as well as your qualifications early. Avoiding a defensive tone can also prevent needless conflict.

Stress: Health issues are always stressful. Home care reduces stress for patients by keeping them at home, which is where most patients want to be. Their surrounding are familiar to them. They aren’t exposed to the frenzied activity and infection risk that comes with a hospital stay. It can be easier for family members to visit. In addition, home care helps patients and families participate in the patient’s care, which can lower burdens for care givers and families.

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