Advancing Healthcare Simulation for Nurses

Nurses in Healthcare simulation med-surg

The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) is the leading global association focused on improving patient safety through excellence in healthcare simulation. Through their journal, Clinical Simulation in Nursing, webinars, and conferences, they are dedicated to the science of healthcare simulation.

INACSL’s stated mission is “advancing the science of healthcare simulation.” Their core values are: share, inspire, discover, and transform.

Their next conference is June 21-24, 2017, in Washington DC. Registration is open now, as well as scholarship opportunities, including the Anthony Battaglia/Pocket Nurse Scholarship.

The INACSL conference provides a wonderful environment to disseminate and gain current knowledge in the areas of skills/simulation lab management and simulation enhanced educaiton. Nurses, nurse educators, researchers, and other healthcare professionals and educators can network with colleagues and exhibitors; discuss research on best practices and safety-related outcomes, competencies, and challenges.

Attendees will experience the newest innovations in nursing simulation, re-visit standard methodologies, explore strategies to integrate technology in curriculum and practice, and determine new directions for simulation and learning resource centers.

According to Anthony, he sponsors the INACSL scholarship because he believes in the vision and mission of INACSL. “Attending the conference gives the attendees the opportunity to advance their knowledge of and skill in the practice of simulation,” Anthony says.


Each year, non-transferable scholarships are made available. They cover the payment of conference registration costs in order to stimulate interest and participation in the advancement of clinical simulation in nursing and learning resource centers.

The Anthony Battaglia scholarships are open to all educators, learning resource specialists, managers, and students who are interested in the development of clinical simulation to enhance education, research, and practice in nursing. This scholarship is only available to INACSL members in good standing.

The INACSL Scholarship Committee reviews all the applications and chooses recipients based on submitted documentation that provides evidence of contributions that advance simulation in nursing.

For more information and to apply, visit the scholarship portal at the INACSL site. Good luck, and we hope to see you next year!

36 thoughts on “Advancing Healthcare Simulation for Nurses

    • Anthony Battaglia says:

      Thank you Kim. I believe in the mission and vision of INACSL and hope the attendees will expand their knowledge of simulation by attending the show.

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