Suzanne Butera: Small Things Make Big Differences

Suzanne Butera, Executive Assistant at Pocket Nurse®, recently celebrated her three-year anniversary. Suzanne regularly collaborates with co-workers of varied age, education, and cultural backgrounds. This gives her a unique perspective in answering our employee survey.

Altogether, Suzanne said she was “very likely” to recommend Pocket Nurse as a place to work and rated her co-workers as the most appealing aspect of her job here.

When asked to elaborate, Suzanne said, “I have never worked with a team of people who consistently care about their job and the people they interact with.”

The Value of Hard Work

Suzanne’s position requires maintaining several long and short-term projects at once. As such, she is always very busy, but enjoys the diversity of her workload.

When asked what her time at Pocket Nurse has taught her, she said, “Strong work ethic and dedication do pay off when you find a position with a company like Pocket Nurse that values and appreciates you every day.”

One of Suzanne’s projects was the “You’ve Been Spotted” initiative, which focused on showing employees appreciation for small things that sometimes go unnoticed. When a manager or employee wanted to express gratitude, they would offer a small card. The card’s front informed the recipient, “You’ve Been Spotted” and included space on the back for a personalized message.

These small tokens were meant to inspire confidence in employees, reminding them to “trust [their] capabilities.” Suzanne explained she wanted people to know they “were hired here because some really quality people saw some quality potential in them.”

Similarly, Suzanne encourages confidence among Pocket Nurse new hires because only after they grow comfortable can they reach the peak of achievement by working to do more.

“Ask what you can do to stretch and improve yourself,” Suzanne says, “which will stretch and improve the company—a self-fulfilling win-win situation.”

Suzanne is another example of a satisfied, productive employee who works to make sure her coworkers are happy and customers are well served.

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