Emily McCandless, Student Totes Team

Emily McCandless, Student Totes liaison, recently celebrated three years at Pocket Nurse®. As part of Marketing’s recruitment efforts, we send out surveys to check in with successful employees. Emily’s answers are so great, we just wanted to share them.

Emily says she is “very likely” to recommend Pocket Nurse as a place to work, and goes on to say the work environment is her favorite thing about working here.

According to Emily, “Although the Pocket Nurse brand is widely known for being the industry leader in education and simulation, this is just a small company where we all know each other by name. Working for a small company has allowed me to face situations head on and learn more quickly than I feel I would at a larger company. I appreciate the open lines of communication I have with both my peers as well as our management staff. By working in this type of environment I feel that you have more of an opportunity to showcase your attributes, both positively and negatively. Always remember to showcase them wisely.”

From Temp to Full-Time Employee

Emily originally joined Pocket Nurse as a temp, and worked as the front desk receptionist. She started on the same day as Matt Inman, Director of Sales and Business Development. Matt proposed creating the Customer Service Department to senior management in order to manage inbound calls and order entry – something that had been a responsibility of account managers. With the creation of a Customer Service Team, account managers now have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of healthcare simulation, while also growing their relationship with our customers through on-site visits.

Emily says, “After a few months of working as the receptionist, I was asked if I’d be willing to join [Matt’s] team full time as a Customer Service Representative. I started out as a CSR and was then given the title of Customer Service Team Lead. After working in Customer Service for about two years, I was recently asked to work on our Tote Team as the Tote Liaison. It’s been one of my most challenging yet enjoyable roles I’ve held at Pocket Nurse so far.”

Emily is talking about Student Health Totes, a division of Pocket Nurse that showcases the company’s focus of helping nurse educators and nursing students. Student health totes make it easy for educators and students to get the exact supplies needed for education and simulation. Learn more at www.PocketNurse.com/Health-Totes.

She has three pieces of advice for new Pocket Nurse employees: “1. Work hard… even when you think no one is looking. 2. Lead by example. Think of the last person you professionally admired. Use the characteristics you found appealing in that person, but use them better. 3. Keep your head up. There are going to be [difficult] days. Your day will come… revert back to #1 on my list.”

The most important lesson Emily’s learned while working here is: “If you believe in success and dedicate yourself to achieving it, you can’t fail.”

Pocket Nurse employees are here to provide the best customer service experience in medical supplies for education and simulation. One way Pocket Nurse does that is by making sure our employees are satisfied and productive.

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