Stock Up for Simulation

Most organizations operate on a fiscal calendar, and find themselves facing budget surpluses that they need to “use or lose.” Government and military programs, higher education, and high schools are usually affected by these policies.

If you are looking for a place to spend your end-of-the-year dollars for an educational or simulation training program, please consider Pocket Nurse®, your One Source One Solution for your classroom, simulation lab, or training program needs.

Here are a few options for stocking up with those end-of-the-year monies.

1. Demo Dose®

Demo Dose vials
Demo Dose simulated medicines are for educational purposes only, not for human or animal use.

With more than 400 simulated vials, IVs, patches, and oral medications, the proprietary line of simulated medications from Pocket Nurse offers educators a safe, efficient, and accurate way to teach the handling, dispensing, and wasting of medications.

2. Basic GERi/KERi™ manikins from Nasco®

Simulation labs aren’t complete without a manikin on which students can practice applied knowledge. By using a manikin, students develop muscle memory for a range of patient care scenarios, including wound and tracheostomy care, bed baths and clothing changes, and oral or nasal hygiene.

3. Moulage

Moulage kits and materials are good investments. They can be used on manikins, standardized patients, and even on our SimLeggings™ products to create wound care, trauma, and emergency scenarios. Many moulage materials can be reused, and simulated blood, sweat, and tears are cost-effective enough for all budget levels.

4. Patient care and diagnostic tools

Stock up on gloves, gowns, linens, and other patient care solutions to teach skills such as dressing, changing bed linens, and toileting. Diagnostic tools such as stethoscopes, thermometers, and blood pressure cuffs are handy to have in the classroom for busy students who may have forgotten theirs.

5. Stretchers

Stretchers are more economical and fit into more simulation scenarios than fully operational hospital beds. Stretchers can be especially valuable to EMT and military training, where mobilizing and moving injured patients are vital skills to cultivate.

Don’t waste your end-of-the-year budget. Use it at Pocket Nurse to get the medical education products you need for simulation scenarios. From Demo Dose® to manikins, from gloves to linens, Pocket Nurse has more than 7,500 products so your end-of-the-year dollars don’t go to waste.

For government procurement, contact Tina Greiff (tgreiff@pocketnurse). Our GSA contract number is # GS-02F-0191Y.
For all other customer service and sales, call 800-225-1600 or visit

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