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What is Medical-Surgical Nursing?

Medical-surgical nursing, also called med-surg nursing, is the largest nursing specialty in the United States. The majority of med-surg nurses work in a hospital caring for adult patients who are acutely ill. Medical-surgical nursing education provides nursing students with knowledge of all areas of adult health. This specialty covers a broad range of patient care, Read More

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Making Simulation Come to Life

At Pocket Nurse®, we make it our goal to enhance suitable learning environments for future healthcare professionals. As part of this responsibility, which we take very seriously, we make a point to attend trade shows that focus on nursing education, simulation in healthcare, EMS training, pharmacy education, and other areas of professional healthcare education. At Read More

Discussing Medication Admin Rights

Having the Right Stuff for Medication Administration During Simulation

This is a summary of the article “The 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Rights for Medication Administration During Simulation” by Kim Baily, Ph.D, MSN, RN, CNE, published at You can see the full article here. Dr. Baily is Simulation Coordinator for Los Angeles Harbor College. Simulation provides the opportunity for learners to improve clinical Read More

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Tools to Manage Polypharmacy

Caregivers have a few tools and guidelines to manage polypharmacy, which is taking five or more medications daily. Polypharmacy affects older patients the most because of their age and a significant burden of decreased physical functioning. Adverse drug events (ADEs) lead to an increased risk of falls, increased delirium, more hospital admissions, and in the Read More

Eating festive fare

Keeping Patients Healthy for Happy Holidays

The holiday season presents challenges for all of us in terms of eating well, drinking in moderation, and getting exercise. Caregivers tending to patients have the additional obstacle of keeping their charges healthy throughout the season. Students can learn about how to talk to patients about staying safe and healthy this time of year. Some Read More

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Polypharmacy and Deprescribing

The term “deprescribing” first appeared in medical literature in 2003. It describes the practice of backing off a prescribed medication when doses are too high, or stopping medications that are no longer needed. Deprescribing is a strategy to deal with polypharmacy, which is taking five or more medications daily. Polypharmacy is harmful because in older Read More

developing a scenario library

Art and Science of Developing a Scenario Library

Any paramedic program has the critical task of developing a specific scenario library. The development process must look at many factors including: the conditions to be covered, age group of patients, psychomotor skill incorporation, teamwork development, affective domain challenges and more. As EMS educators, our goal is to lead the development of our students from Read More